The first Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Japan was established in March, 1878 in Tokyo. Chambers were later set up in other cities, and in 1892 fifteen chambers gathered together to form the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry. This organization was changed to the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) in 1922.
Today, nearly all of Japan's major cities have a chamber of commerce. The 517 (as of April 2007) Chambers of Commerce form a large-scale nationwide organization boasting 1.43 million members (as of March 2006).
Chambers in Japan are designated as corporations with special status. They are created and operated under a special government law called the Chambers of Commerce and Industry Law. Japanese Chambers of Commerce and Industry have the following characteristics:
The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry is the central organization to which all local chambers of commerce belong. As an opinion leader in economic circles, JCCI represents the local chambers by presenting their suggestions to the government and other bodies, and helping implement them. JCCI also plays an important role in the dissemination of information concerning government policies and programs. and the promotion of nationwide projects.
This pamphlet provides a general outline of JCCI's activities. We hope it promotes an understanding of our organization.
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